How to post highly engaging contents on Instagram

How to post highly engaging content on Instagram

Highly engaging content on your account helps you to achieve the level that you want in your own niche. Engagement is the only factor that Instagram loves. If you want to beat the Instagram algorithm, Engagement of your post should be your main weapon to fight and win the race.

So the question arises - How you can increase your engagement rate so that you can beat the new algorithm and rank on Instagram and Google?

The answer is simple- Follow the steps below and increase your engagement rate.


When you pay attention to content on Instagram, always go for quality over quantity. It's better to post 1 quality post a day than 5 average ones.

1 engaging post is far better than posting 5 non-engaging posts a day. So post your best content a day to increase the daily average interaction of your account with your followers.


For example, If you have a  travel photography page, so look at the other successful photography accounts. See what works for them and what doesn’t. Then apply the things that work on your own page.

Also, use Google trend to check out the trending stuff in your field. Google Trend is a free and best platform to grab the information of trend.


Professional look means buying new expensive types of equipment/cameras/editing software, do it. You need to put a little effort to see better results. But if you have a good phone and a simple editing app you can achieve a lot!


Don't be afraid to try out new things. Take photos from different angles, try telling a story, try to upload your best post at different times of the day. Whatever it means for you, constantly research and see what types of content get the best results.


Captions are important to give the post a further description and to encourage people to engage. An effective caption consists of the following:
  1. Description of the post 
  2. A call to action that refers to the post like: “Double tap if you agree/like it!” or “Tag 2 friends who need to see this.” or “Comment TRUE letter by letter if you agree.” 
  3. A call to action that refers to your account like: “Follow @username for more (your niche).” 
  4. Credits to the photographer @examplephoto 
  5. Your personal hashtag.

  • Check out this amazing picture of the beautiful Eiffel Tower in Paris.
  • Tag 3 friends you want to take with you to travel there.
  • If you love our stunning pictures make sure to join @username to see more. 
  • Credits for a photo to respective owner. DM to be credited.
  • @username or #hashtags.


Channels are very important on Instagram.  They expose your content to the people who aren’t already following you. Tags, comment mentions & hashtags are known as channels. Hashtags are the most important channels to get your content exposed to a larger targeted audience. Using the right hashtags is going to bring tons of likes and followers.

The hashtag helps your posts to reach that part of the audience, who are like to see the posts of your niche. Using the hashtag in a proper way can give you a high impression.

channels and hashtags in instagram
channels and hashtags

NOTE: Improper use of hashtag tends your account to shadowban. Be careful and read- What is Shadowban on Instagram?


Post timing plays a very important role. Suppose you applied all the tips mentioned above and you are posting your content when your followers are not active. You will fail to gain likes and comments in the first hour of your post and ultimately fail to get some engagement.

So posting at the right time can definitely give you good results.

How to know what is your right time to post?
  1. Go to insights into your business account.
  2. Tap on Audience and at the bottom, you found your follower's active timings.
right post timings on instagram, millionaire addicted: make money online
Post timings

So, If you are going to follow these 5 tips then definitely you would see the growth in your own engagement rate.

Also, If you have any suggestions or any tips/tricks regarding "How to post highly engaging contents on Instagram" then comment below to help others.

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