How to fix Instagram Shadowban

How to fix Instagram Shadowban

How to fix Instagram Shadowban, millionaire addicted,
How to fix Instagram Shadowban

In the last couple of months, many micro-influencers have reported about their Instagram shadowban.

Actually, in 2018 many of them are not satisfied with the Instagram algorithmic feed.

They started using bots and many illegal strategies to grow their account. But Instagram is against all these things and they banned those people in the form of Shadowban.

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So, If you are also Shadowbanned by Instagram, then let's see how you can fix it.

1. Take a short leave from Instagram

Some users have said that after taking 2-3 days off from Instagram helped them to lift up from Shadowban. Take a complete leave - stop posting, commenting, liking and even logging into the app.

Clear the cache or you can uninstall the app for 2-3 days.

After the 2-3 days leave you can start the business but turn your account private or personal for some days.

2. Stop using banned or broken hashtags

If you are unknowingly using hashtags that are banned by Instagram. So, this can also be a reason for your shadowban. Because Instagram has banned many irrelevant hashtags to save their community.

And if someone uses those banned hashtags then they consider them as a spammer and they shadowban their account.

3. Report your Shadowban to Instagram

It is very difficult for Instagram to manage 1 billion monthly active users report. That's why they took 15 days to review their reports and claims. But the good thing is they will definitely overview your problem.

So report your problem to Instagram is another good way to lift up from shadowban.

How to report?
  1. Goto setting
  2. scroll down and select "Report a problem"
  3. a pop-up should appear with few options select "Report a problem"
Report your Shadowban to Instagram, millionaireaddicted
Report your Shadowban to Instagram

Write a short message that clearly describes your issue.

4. Stop using bots and auto post software

Have you ever used bots before? If you are using any kind of bots, stop using them. If you signed up for the bots or software years ago, they could still be linked to your account.

How to find and remove the access to bots and other software.
  1. Open your account on the desktop web browser.
  2. Click on "Edit profile"
  3. Next, select Authorize applications
From here, you can remove the access of any bots or software you want.

5. Put your hashtags in your captions (not in the comments)

Using hashtags in the comment section is not a good strategy.

Actually, In order to keep the community safe, Algorithm of Instagram continuously checking for the comments that are against the community guidelines. And if you use hashtags in the comment section. Then they will detect them and consider you as a spammer.

6. Delete all hashtags from recent posts

Deleting hashtags is not a good strategy when your account is clean. But you can delete your hashtags when your account is shadowbanned. Yes, In some cases deleting hashtags whether it is in the caption or in comment section help you to lift your account from shadowban.

These are the tips that you have to follow to fix your shadowban account.

If you still have any doubts about Instagram shadowban. Simply drop your queries below in the comment section, and let the discussion begin. Our team will definitely contact you as soon as possible with the solution.

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