Instagram Marketing: Learn and capture the audience

In this Article, I'll tell you why Instagram is dragged into marketing and How you can use this highly engaging social media platform to increase your productivity.

So, Let's get started.

A market is a place where you can showcase or advertise your latest products in order to reach the audience and increase productivity.

What is Instagram?

Instagram is a Social media network was launched in 2010 for IOS and 2012 for Android. This photo and video sharing media is launched for smartphone users. 

Almost similar to Facebook and Twitter, everyone who creates an Instagram account has a profile and a news feed. But the main feature of Instagram that differentiates it from other social networks is its in-app cool photo editing tool. Yes, you can edit your photos and videos before uploading them. 

Instagram was the first Network application that gives its users an in-app photo and video editing tool.

Instagram defeated all other social media applications when they updated the new concept of uploading content in the form of stories, where users can share their daily experiences and their status valid only for 24 hours.

What is Instagram Marketing?

what-is-instagram-marketing,, millionaire-addicted
What is Instagram Marketing?

Advertising and selling products on Instagram is known as Instagram Marketing. It is a very popular marketplace, businessmen love to advertise their brand on this platform.

Why Instagram Marketing is very popular?

There are several reasons for the popularity of Instagram Marketing. Let's see one by one.

1. Users

  • 1 Billion monthly active users.
  • 25 million business profiles.
  • 50% of Instagram users follow at least 1 business, and 60% says they have learned about product or services from their official business profile and contents.
  • 60% of adults online use Instagram.
These Statistics prove that if you're planning to advertise your products on this cool platform, then you would definitely succeed to capture the massive audience. Because it is the only social platform where users logging in more than 60%  every single day. And the above statistics clear one thing that it is the huge Market for advertisement with almost all age groups.

2. The application(Instagram)

Instagram allows users to upload photos and videos with various options and many pieces of information like locations and branded hashtags or handles.

The highly Visual uploading format is obviously attracting the businessmen who are looking to showcase their latest products. Whether through regular photos, videos or Instagram stories.

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3. Instagram business updates

Another reason for the popularity of Instagram Marketing is its business updates. Instagram recently updated many new features for business. You can turn your personal account to a business account where you can find many business tools. These are -
  1. INSIGHTS: It helps you to know your audience clearly - their activities with your content, their demography, their active timings and more. You can easily interact with your followers after going through the Insights properly.
  2. CONTACTS: Adding contact buttons (call or text, E-mail address and Address) helps you to connect with your followers easily.

4. Promotions

If you're a beginner, then there is a struggle to have followers on your brand new account. But you can easily promote your account or contents by Instagram. All you have to do is select your content, look at the right plan, and after paying, your ad will be ready to reach the audience with your niche.

These are the reasons for the popularity of Instagram Marketing. Many marketing experts capturing the audience with their contents and successfully growing their business. 

You can also grow your business by learning and applying strategies to grow on this coolest social media network.

How you can capture the audience?
  1. Start a professional Instagram Business account 
  2. The Best Profitable Instagram niches 
  3. Create an effective Instagram Bio for the business account 
If you still have any doubts about Instagram growth and marketing. Simply drop your comment below in the comment section or you can directly contact us.

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