Why Instagram Blocked my video post

Why Instagram Blocked my video post?

Once, I posted a video on my Instagram account, which included a Hollywood song. After 2 minutes of posting the video, Instagram deleted my video and sent me a mail regarding the video that I had posted on my Instagram. But afterwards, I re-posted the same video, but this time I did something which I will tell you later in this article.

Why Instagram Blocked my video post?

Most of the people are using Instagram without reading it's community guidelines. They have a habit to click ignore/skip every time they see appearing "PRIVACY POLICY" or "TERMS OF USE". No one cares about the community guidelines that Instagram provides for its users before they can start using their account.

There are certain rules and regulations which comes under Instagram's community guidelines and you have to follow them if you have to use Instagram. If you violate any of the rules mentioned by Instagram, your post and in some cases, your account will be deleted.



Instagram doesn't allow users to post photos and videos which contains nudity, sexual intercourse, fully nude buttocks and genitals. In some cases, it doesn't allow to post photos and videos that shows female nipples, but sometimes photos that show nipples while breastfeeding are allowed. Sometimes people post some artistic paintings and sculptures, which contains nudity, but are allowed on Instagram. Many parents share photos of their children. If the photo includes a fully or partially nude child, Instagram will not allow that and the post will be deleted automatically after minutes of posting.


If you are using a business account, then you have to be very careful while posting anything on Instagram. Make sure that the photo you are posting is not copied and is your own creation. You don't have the right to post anything which you have downloaded from the internet or other accounts.
There might be some cases where two persons can think in the same way, but 'you own the contents that you post'. The person who posts first becomes the real owner on Instagram or any other social media.


If your post contains contents which may be not appreciated by others or in other words, your post contains something like hate speeches, harassment, violence or sexuality, people can report your post as spam and inappropriate for the audience. In this case, Instagram will delete your post to protect its community guidelines.

 You can request Instagram for a review if your intentions were not to harm any community. A "REQUEST A REVIEW" option is available in the mail sent by Instagram on your e-mail that you have registered on your  Instagram account.

Does Instagram Block Accounts too?

Instagram keeps blocking accounts which showing some suspicious behaviours and activities. There are the following reasons why Instagram block the account-

  1. Your account is fake and isn't verified with any phone number or email address.
  2. Your account is indulged in inappropriate activities like nudity, porn, arms, weapons and other illegal activities.
  3. Too many peoples or brands on Instagram has reported your account regarding any of your post and your abusive behaviour.

Instagram is becoming strict towards accounts which shows suspicious behaviours to reduce the fake and useless accounts.


I told you previously, that Instagram had deleted one of my post which contained a Hollywood song. The reason behind this action was "COPYRIGHT". Every other creation, discoveries and contents have copyright.

Copyright is a legal right which grants a right to real creators of any work to decide who can use their work and how. So if you are using/copying other's content without any credits and showing that you have created that content, then Instagram will check this and will remove your content. But it is not necessary that Instagram will always block your content, just because you've used any Bollywood/Hollywood songs in your video post.

There are few companies who restrict people to use their content, otherwise many music companies out there in the market allowing peoples to use their content across any social platform.

Tackle the copyright issue before posting videos.

1. Give Credits to avoid Copyright issues.

Give Credits to prevent Copyright issues

Before uploading videos which contain songs ( Hollywood/Bollywood) or any other patent contents, you have to give credits to the original creators of that content in the caption. So, give the full credit to the respective owner of the content to avoid copyright issues.

2. Edit the audio a bit

The song I used was 'Taki-Taki rumba by DJ Snake. I completely muted the noise of my video and imported the real song in the video. That was my biggest mistake. Because thus Instagram bots are easily detected my video as a copy content and they blocked my post.

So After that, I replaced the song with a remix versing of 'Taki-Taki rumba'. And it works for me. This time no notification, no block. You can also do the same to avoid copyright issues in your videos
NOTE: You can also remix the audio of your video a bit in the first 3 seconds with a single beat.


If you mistakenly uploaded a copyright content and didn't give credit to its original Creator, then your post will be blocked by Instagram. You can appeal to Instagram to bring your post back. But you have to wait 24 hours for any response. If you can wait, I recommend you to go for an appeal.

Let's see How you can appeal to Instagram to bring back the blocked posts.

how to appeal Instagram to bring back the blocked post

Step 1: Click on the notification menu then there will be a message "Your video was removed Because It may have copyrighted content that belongs to someone else." sent by Instagram about the issue. Simply open it.

Step 2: Next Appeal

Step 3: Check "I agree" and put your digital signature. Now tap on the Appeal button.

Wait for 24 hours, the result of your application would be successfully uploaded to your Instagram account.

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