How to make money on Instagram

how to make money on instagram, by millionaire addicted
how to make money on Instagram?

How to make money on Instagram? Well, this is an interesting question, that a lot of people are asking me all the time.

When I was struggling to make money online, I used to ask the same question ie How to make money on Instagram? But right now, I'm making money on Instagram.

Instagram has changed my life, it can also change yours. Just wait and learn how to make money on Instagram.

I'm going to show all the possible ways to make money on Instagram. But first, let's read some important aspects to make things possible.

Let's get started.

Why should you use Instagram?

  • Because of 1 Billion monthly active users.
  • 25 million business profiles.
  • 50% of Instagram users follow at least 1 business account, and 60% says that they have learned about product or services from their official business profile and contents.
  • 60% of adults online use Instagram.
These figures prove that how fascinating the Instagram community is. That's why companies are investing money on it. They want to capture these engaging audience for their brandings.

So far we understand the importance of Instagram. Now let's see what you need to do first-

What you need to do first-

How to make money on Instagram? If you have a lot of followers but they are not engaging with your contents, then it is a bad signal to make money. Your followers should be your fan. They should be interacting and engaging with your posts and stories.

If you're lacking engage followers, there are few simple ways you can increase your engagement rate with your followers. Let's check it out!

1. Create an effective bio

Bio of your account is that important section where people come to know about you and your brand. So fill out your bio with all useful pieces of information like - what you post about, where you from, what's your brand's goal, your other contacts etc. Use branded hashtags and call-to-action lines in your bio section to promote your brand itself.

2. Create a theme and stay consistent with it.

There are millions of account on Instagram. You have to look different in your Niche so that it can nicely represent your account. Create your theme by posting your contents in different manners and stay consistent with it.

3. Post regularly

If you want to attract your followers or Instagram users. You have to be regular on this most engaging platform. You need to post your content at least once a day. 

You can never grow on Instagram by posting once a week or a month. You have to invest your time and creativity.

Your followers will come to expect your content. So the regular post is a very important factor to attract them.

Every post has an opportunity to attract new followers. So post highly engaging contents on your account.

4. Use relevant hashtags to capture the new audience.

Hashtags are a very powerful weapon to grow nowadays. You can boost your post by using relevant hashtags in the caption.

With the new algorithm updates, hashtags become very popular and valuable too. They help you to target your niche audience, increase your engagement rate and develop a wide range of audience.

5. Engage with your followers

Be Social! The more you engage with your followers, the more they will interact with your contents.
How to engage with your followers?
  • Reply to their comments 
  • Create a group and share different contents over there. 
  • Organise live chats
  • Run an Instagram contests and giveaways 
Okay, You have learned how you can attract your followers or Instagram users. Now I'm going to tell you - How to make money on Instagram?

How to make money on Instagram?

If you have followers who are engaged with your contents, then there are many ways to make money on Instagram. Let's see one by one.

1. Make sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts:- Posts that highlight some brands or products. It is a simple idea to show off products for their branding.

You can make money on Instagram by creating sponsored posts. But you need a certain level of followers to attract brands toward your account.

Most companies search for an account that has more than 10k engaged followers. If you have, you can contact any brand or company for the sponsorship.

However, it's important that any brands or product you promoting are good fits for your Niche followers. Ensure you promoting genuine and real products.

2. Do Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing means selling others' product online to make money as a commission.

There are many popular companies like Amazone, Clickbank and Flipkart, who run affiliate programs.

If you want to make money on Instagram, you can sign up with companies that offer affiliate programs and you will get a commission with every sale.

As an Affiliate, you will get trackable links for the different products you sell. All you need to do is use and place that link in your Instagram Account.

Promote your affiliate links and place them from where people can easily bye your affiliate products.

One of the serious problem with Instagram is that you can't place any clickable links in your posts. You can only put them in your bio or in your stories. But don't worry, if you have a huge fan following, then you can easily make lots of money by doing Affiliate marketing.

3. Sell your photos

Another great way to make money on Instagram is by selling photographs. Many website owners looking for photographs that suit their contents. But the main thing is they search for copyright-free images. And in order to avoid copyright issue, they buy photographs for their blogs and websites.

You can sell your photographs to them so that they can freely use them into their blog or websites.

All you have to do is create a nice portfolio profile on your Instagram account. And give contact details in your bio so that they can easily contact you.

Always give a complete description in the caption of your posts like - the camera you used to click that particular photo, the location and other photography details to look your account more authentic.

Note: Make sure you use your logo or watermark of your brand in the demo portfolio on Instagram.

4. Use Instagram to drive traffic to your website or YouTube channel

If you have other income sources like YouTube or website. You can boost your income by driving your Instagram traffic to your websites or YouTube channels. Also, you can socially connect with your website or YouTube audiences on Instagram. 

You can ask your followers to suggest ideas for future videos and topics for your blog websites. You can also use their recommendations and reviews to grow your YouTube channels or websites.

5. Sell your Instagram account

If you have your Instagram account with huge followers, and you're going to quite the account. Well, you'll be happy to know that you can make money by selling your account too.

There's a few site support you to do this.
  • fame swap
  • viral accounts
So, these are the best options for - How to make money on Instagram. Now the time for some actions, if you want to make money on Instagram. Just develop your Business account. Be an Action Taker and start your Instagram Business account.

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Did you find your estimate - How to make money on Instagram? or not! If you still have any doubt regarding this topic, leave a comment and join the discussion with our experts. 

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