How to Develop an Instagram theme

If you want to gain more followers on Instagram, then you will be glad to know that developing your Instagram theme is one of the factors to attract more followers. This looks a small thing but creates a huge impression among your followers and profile visitors.

how to develop an instagram theme, instagram theme

I already published an article about growing real Instagram followers. In which, I told you to develop your own Instagram theme that can define your unique contents.

So, In this article, you will learn about
  • How to Develop an Instagram theme.
  • The importance of developing a nice Instagram profile theme.
  • Useful tips on posting photos on Instagram.
  • How Instagram theme became an important factor in Instagram Growth these days.
First of all, let's see what is an Instagram theme?


You might have seen that many accounts on Instagram create their unique style to post. Like some accounts posts only dark theme photos, some posts are colourful and many others which I  will talk about later in this article. If you will open their profile and scroll down to see their photo gallery, you will find that they look aesthetic. For example, have a look at  these profiles

instagram thmes examples, some instagram themes

In this way, these accounts are creating their Instagram theme which makes their photo gallery look different from other accounts. In other words, you can say that they are creating their own style to make their photo gallery look attractive and better than others.


Instagram is entirely a visual media. You have to be creative to upload stunning visual contents.

Developing a unique aesthetic theme is one of the ways to attract your profile visitors and convert them into your followers. Remember that being different is the key. Creating a theme shows that your photos flow together and didn't get mixed up.

When someone visits your profile, they see your posts that appear on the top of your profile, and if your posts look aesthetic to them, they will scroll down and if they like your content, they probably follow you. In this way, your style (theme) is convincing them to follow your account.


You can show your own creativity here. Creating a theme doesn't mean that you are posting kinds of stuff which look the same. This is not necessary. They can be different, but still, look aesthetic. Remember that your motive is to create an attractive theme, which shows your uniqueness and your post doesn't get mixed up. They all should look clean and run in a flow.

So here I am presenting some points that will take your account to another level.

1. Choose what to post in your feed

Before you even start taking pictures for your account, do some research work. Instagram is a place where you can represent your business with high-quality pictures and videos.

Your Instagram profile should reflect what makes sense for your business and your goals.

So, choose what to post like your products, your behind the scenes, your company members and the things related to your brand that can engage your followers with your name.

Once your content strategy is clear, then you can look for your specifications like your editing and the way you post.

2. Choose a colour

Colour is the main factor that determines your theme on Instagram. Almost every brand has a specific colour that develops a relationship between their brands and products. Even on social media, you have to use your branded colours to give an authentic background to your posts. Or if you don't have to represent a brand or product then you have to choose a particular colour to create a theme.

So, choose your colour palettes related to your brand or your choice.

3. Edit similarity

A similar edit can give uniqueness to your every post. Similar edit can be the same logo in a particular position. Also, the same light in which you take photos, a filter and a border if you using any.

Always edit same so that you can develop a pre-image of your post in your follower's mind.

4. Balance your feed

After learning all the points above, the last step is to create a balance. Try to categorize your feed, don't post the same type of contents over and over again. Create an alternate cycle to post for a different type of contents.

For example, you are promoting your business products on Instagram. So don't always upload promotional posts of your same products. Instead, rotate your posts for a variety related to your brand.


 Apart from Instagram themes, there are a lot of factors that influence your Instagram Growth. The factors which I am going to mention, are the factors which play a big role in controlling your post's engagement, and thereby your Instagram growth.


This might sound strange, but the ratio you choose for your photos affects your post engagement. It is found that the posts which have an aspect ratio of 4:5, are more engaging than the posts with an aspect ratio of 1:1. This may be due to the fact that larger photos have more details than that of smaller photos.


A high-quality photo is more appealing than the ones with low quality. Instagram detect photos. If your photo is not quality rich, Instagram will not show them to your audience and your audience will also not engage with your content. So every time you post, try to post quality rich (high definition) photos.


Instagram provides you to choose among its 23 filters. Filters enhance your picture quality and thereby more people will engage with your post. The most used Instagram filter (according to some sources) is Clarendon. After using this filter, let's see what happens to a photo.

use instagram filter, use clarendon an Instagram filter
Looks great!

So, this is the reason why your post engagement increases when you apply a good filter to your picture. You can adjust the intensity of the filter by tapping again on the filter that you have chosen.

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So these were some tips on How to Develop an Instagram theme and few tips to boost your engagement on your posts. All these tips will contribute you to grow real Instagram followers. I hope you like it.

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