YouTube videos not getting views (How to fix it)

YouTube videos not getting views How to fix it, millionaire addicted

Why my YouTube videos not getting views? A frequent question people ask me all the time. Many creators, even those that have established channels and audiences can find themselves asking this exact question.

In this article, I'm going to guide you through everything you've been doing wrong. You may not have realized how you were messing up until now, but that's exactly what we shall cover and get right to the reasons why your YouTube videos not getting views and how you can fix it.

Let's analyze all the possible reasons why your YouTube videos not getting views.

1. Your videos are not Optimized.

One of the biggest reason why YouTube videos not getting views is videos are not optimized for the search results and suggestions.

You're just throwing videos out there and hoping for millions of views. But at the end of the day, you failed to get any views.

Video optimisation isn't only relevant for getting found in search results, it also supports your videos to get suggested with other videos.

The following are the things you should focus on when it comes to video optimisation.

i. Video tags: You should use tags, it is the only thing that categorises your videos and one of the few ways for youtube to understand what your videos are about.

Tag your videos very carefully because tagging plays a very important role when it comes to related videos ( videos that are suggested from Youtube on the right side of the page or after a video ends) so use it properly.

How to use the right video tags?
  • It's good to have your specific keyword tags first because Youtube places more weight on the first tags.
  • Set up default tags so that you can easily target some specific keywords in your all videos. To do this go to
My channel > Video Manager > Channel > Upload default.

ii. Video filename: I have tested it personally on my client's YouTube channel Infinity Lectures and it works for me. Also, so many people stating that the filename of your videos should be optimized that I have to include here also.

Rename your videos before uploading them on YouTube. Use the title or any targeted keyword to optimize your videos with the filename.

iii. Video title: Video tags and the filename will help you to rank on youtube but remember it's not only about where you rank. It's also about how many of those that will see your listing will click on your videos.

Make your title such that when someone sees it, they may want to click on it even out of curiosity. Research for it.

iv. Video description: The place where you can give written information and other useful links to your visitors. Optimizing your description with keywords will help you to rank.

So, these are some options for you to optimize your videos for a better search result. If you are not doing it well, it may be the reason for not getting YouTube views on your videos.

2. Your video thumbnails suck.

The first thing that a potential viewer notices about the content whether looking in the recommendation, on your channel or in the sidebar is your video thumbnail. If your thumbnail doesn't attract anyone, then you will fail to get views, no matter your videos are ranked or not.

Designing a professional-looking thumbnail helps you build your brand identity, also, this turn more eyes to your contents. Whereas poor video thumbnails are the cause of low impression CTR of your channel. So, fix this problem as soon as possible. 

How to fix it.

The approximate thumbnail image should be 1280 x 720 pixels, and 16:9 is the ideal ratio used for YouTube players.
Create relevant, clear and interesting thumbnails. Always use custom thumbnails (don't simply pick slide from the video). Use quality rich images, easily readable clear fonts type with normal contrast.

3. Your audience retention rate is low.

Are viewers leaving your videos after only a few seconds, even though your videos are too short? If yes, then this is the biggest reason why you are not getting views on YouTube.

This means your retention rate is low. This affects your channel for two reasons.

Firstly, YouTube's algorithm likes engagement. Retention rate is the only factor for them to decide a particular video is worthy or not. They only promote videos with high retention rates.

And secondly, if your viewers can't sit through a full video (or at least certain parts of it), they're probably not going to be interested in liking, commenting, subscribing or watching any other of your videos. Ultimately low retention rate will faint your engagement.

There are numbers of reason why your audience retention rate could be low: maybe your intros too long, your outros are too short, your videos are not clear, too much pointless or boring contents etc. Whatever problems are there, fix them to increase your retention rate.

How to fix it.

The first step to fixing this problem is to understand the reason for the low retention rate of your videos. Luckily, Youtube has a solution for you: YouTube Analytics.

With youtube analytics, you can find out the extremely useful information regarding the retention of your videos. When it comes to retention rate, you can check out the average watch time of your any particular video. This will allow you to find out if your content is worthy enough for your viewers or simply a waste of time. Also, you can check out the time period of the videos when most of your viewers have bounced back. Check out the time spam and find out what happens at that specific time period, why viewers are bouncing back and pinpoint the cause of your low retention rate.

After finding the cause correct it in your upcoming videos.

Bonus tip: You can use cards at that time periods when people are leaving, to get them to similar other your videos.

4. You haven't done your research work.

Your ultimate goal is to help people as many as possible for you! The only problem is that in order to do that, people have to be able to find you on Youtube.

Doing some keyword research to name your title helps you to rank on YouTube searches. Also, keyword research is very essential for you to understand your niche market and at the same time not doing it is like shooting a bullet in the dark!

Do research on certain topics and pick out the best keyword or topic before creating a video.

Now the question is how you can pick the best keyword or topic to create a video.

How to fix it.

There are many paid tools in the market which is especially for keyword research, but if you're a beginner then it may be difficult for you to go with them. So, how would you research for a keyword for your YouTube videos?

  • Download and install an extension called Keywords everywhere in your PC chrome.
  • After installation, if you search for anything on YouTube or Google. You will see three things below the search bar - volume/month, CPC, and competition of the searched term.
  • What you need to do is to search for other related queries and have to select high-volume, low-competition keywords.
Competition = 0.N, N = Any Positive Integer.

P.S. - I have many strategies and tips for you which I will tell you later.

5. Your audience is not engaged with your content.

Engagement is a medium through which YouTube's algorithm finds out, whether your videos are worth watching or not!

Good engagement is the key to success for every YouTubers. If your content is not impressive enough to engage the audience than it may be one of the reasons you are not getting views on your videos. Watch time, comments, likes, share etc are some of the factors that determine your engagement between your videos and audiences.

How to fix it.

Value is an important part of being a creator, recognizing what it is, brings you to the top of the table in the viewers-creators relationship.

Build a creator-viewer relationship and engage your audience with your contents.

Don't just finish your videos with a thank you, use the most valuable time of your video in order to tell your viewers what you would love them to do! either subscribing, like, comment or share. If your video has already helped them, they can't resist doing so.

6. You are not everywhere. Be Social!

With the variety of powerful online social networks, it's a massive waste not taking advantage of the free resources out there. It may be the other reason for you to not getting youtube views, that you are not on other platforms like Facebook groups, Instagram, Quora, Pinterest, Reddit etc. 

Youtube maybe the platform where you're uploading your main contents, but you have to social for better returns. Also, Sharing your video's links on different social media helps you to increase your channel authority on Google and YouTube.

How to fix it.

Create other social media handles with your channel's official name, share your video's links and stay active daily as much as you can.

Bonus tip: Quora and Pinterest are the best place for you where you can easily promote your YouTube videos. On Quora, you can share links to your videos with your valuable answers, on the other hand, you can pin your video thumbnail with a clickable link on Pinterest. I personally use this to get more traffic on my blogs. Therefore, I'm recommending you to answer on quora and pin a link daily.

Now, you know what to need to thank.

If you're guilty of any of these, fear not to take action to fix them! There are ways to fix each and every issue. Every video you produce has the potential to resonate with an audience; you just have to make sure this audience is finding your content.

Still, if you have any doubts or you want to share any valuable tips/tricks, then let me know. Write down in the comment section.

Amarjeet Singh

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