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Welcome to Millionaire Addicted - A perfect blog for anyone passionate about online marketing and making money by Instagram, YouTube and their own blog websites.

The website is designed to introduce you some of the proven and coolest methods of making money online with some sort of motivation.

The blog contains strategies and complete tutorials that will convert you into the person, who can generate passive income - depending on your skills and creativity.

The S.E.O. Tips and tricks in this blog website are based on the admin's working experience of 1 year.

This blog is designed to provide accurate and authoritative information for all, no matter who are they and what their occupations are.

Here is what you find in Millionaires Addicted:-

➤ Tips to make money with Blogging, YouTube and Instagram.
➤ Full S.E.O. training for blog websites + YouTube.
➤ Making followers and viral contents on Instagram.
➤ Affiliate Marketing.
➤ Motivation.

About Amarjeet Singh (Founder)

Amarjeet Singh, admin, millionaire addicted
Amarjeet Singh (Founder)

Yes, that's me AMARJEET SINGH. I am the mind behind Millionaire Addicted.

I'm 18-year-old from Lucknow, India. A simple guy who loves to simplify the complex kinds of stuff and love to publish into the mass.

When I first started Millionaire Addicted, I had no idea how it was going to be. But the thing I always knew was that I can't afford the burden of 9-5 jobs. Because according to me life is too short for them.

Blogging has given me a sense of freedom that I think nothing can give me.

18-year-old boy can do anything just because of blogging. Yes, Blogging helps me to generate 5 figures of income per month. And that gives me financial freedom.

Why I started Millionaire Addicted?

Making money online was not the only important thing that I wanted in my life. My every time goal is to do creative things. I don't want my future to be like - wake up early in the morning and get ready for the 9-5 jobs and work for others. I love doing creative and hard work for my own projects and ideas. 

That's why Millionaire Addicted was born at midnight on Saturday, 5 January 2019.

How Millionaire Addicted started and become successful?

I learned all the stuff by making mistakes. I still remember the days when I constantly failed to monetize my first website in 2018. I think It was too early for me to have a website without having complete knowledge of Digital Marketing and Blogging. But the best part was that I learned everything from that failure and due to that, Millionaire Addicted succeeded.

Now, I want to share my knowledge. I'm happy that you arrived here and I hope that you will stick around to read, learn and help me to create more amazing contents. Millionaire Addicted is your resource.
  • Learn to Make Money with Instagram, Blogging and YouTube.
  • Learn Digital and Affiliate Marketing.
Learn everything that helps you to generate an online income, and share your knowledge with them who are interested in it.

Amarjeet Singh, Millionaire Addicted , admin
Only looking back to see how far I've come.

So far, I am still a student of B.Tech(IT) whose only goal is always to be my own boss. Like I'm right now!
That's it!

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Amarjeet Singh
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